Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Mi Band 6 Review: The Perfect Fitness Tracker?

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is among the most popular budget fitness trackers in the world. The band derives its popularity from being both feature-rich and affordable. In this short Mi Band 6 review, we determine whether the fitness band is worth buy in 2022.

If you’d rather watch than read, check out the video below.

In both this post and the video, this review won’t follow the normal approach. By normal approach I mean, we take the Display, Design, Tech Specs and Battery life. Instead, I’ll share the real-life use.

Mi band 6
Mi Band 6 (Watch Face)

Now, before we jump into the Band 6 Review, let’s answer common questions. From the best use scenario to the alternatives to Mi Band 6, here is some important info.

Mi Band 6 Review: The Perfect Fitness Tracker?

Product Name: Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Release Date: March 2021

Type: Fitness Tracker (not a smart watch)

Alternatives: Huawei Band 6 and Galaxy Fit 2

Best use scenario: Basic fitness tracking e.g., step tracking during walks/runs

Price: About $50 or KES 5000/-

From the above, it’s obvious this isn’t a smartwatch. So, if you are looking for something with more features (things like inbuilt GPS), I highly recommend affordable smartwatches in Kenya. My top pick includes but is not limited to Huawei Watch Fit, Amazfit Bip U Pro and Redmi Watch 2 Lite. Otherwise, keep reading…

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Mi Band 6 Review: Unboxing

Xiaomi Band 6 comes in a very simple package. You get a nice black box with the major features printed on the sides and back. Inside the box is the fitness tracker, a magnetic charger and documentation.

As far as the unboxing experience goes, that’s all from Xiaomi’s band. Like I said, it’s a straight forward unboxing experience. Kudos to Xiaomi on that front.

Mi Band 6 Review: The Perfect Fitness Tracker?

Mi Band 6 vs Mi Band 6

I know I said this Xiaomi Mi Band 6 review wasn’t going to paste specs here. But if you are using the Mi Band 5 and wondering what’s new, these are the specs you only find on the new mode.

Mi Band 6 Review: The Perfect Fitness Tracker?

A bigger 1.56-inch AMOLED Display against 1.1-inch in Mi Band 5

Has SpO2 (blood Oxygen levels) sensor, which is lacking on Band 5

It has up to 30 Workout modes as opposed to 11 you find in Mi Band 5

Better battery life (about 10 days of normal use against band 5’s 7 days.

Connects to Xiaomi’s new Mi Fitness App unlike Mi Band 5 that’s limited to Zepp Life App

Other important Xiaomi Mi Band 6 features include 24hr Heartrate and better sleep Monitoring. You also get to monitor your Stress Levels and control your breathing. Last but not least, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has a reliable female health tracking.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Daily Use

Now that we’ve gotten a few important info about the tracker out of the way, it’s time we looked at how it fairs in real-life use. Shall we?

First, you’ll barely use all the features of Mi Band 6. In my case, I use the band mainly to track steps, measure Heartrate and monitor sleep and of course control my phone. Let me explain…

The Workouts

Mi band 6 can track up to 30 workouts. Of the 30, 4 are most popular with this fitness tracker namely: running, walking, swimming and cycling.

mi band 6 review

Once connected with the phone’s GPS, band 6 gives some of the most accurate step counts and route tracking for the price.

Health Tracking:

As mentioned earlier, Mi band 6 can track over 10 important health parameters.

mi band 6 tracker

I’ve found it most accurate in Heartrate Monitoring and Sleep Monitoring and Breathing. Using it to train my breathing has also been fun. I must admit that the stress levels aren’t always accurate or could I be too stressed to admit the readings?

Mi Band 6 Controls:

You don’t just track your workout and health with Mi band 6, you can use it to control the connected gadget. For me, I use the and mainly to take photos, select music and find my phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review

Camera Control: Allows you to take photos on your phone by pressing the band…very useful in selfies

Music Control: You can play, pause and select music on your phone via the band…I always find this very useful during my evening walks…I select the next song without getting my phone out of the pocket

Find Device: Extremely handy if you’ve misplaced your phone…it’ll ring your phone

Mi Band 6: Pricing

If there one thing that sets Xiaomi Mi Band 6 apart, it must be the affordable pricing. For the same features, other brands will ask for $100 or more. That you get to measure your blood oxygen levels without at about $50 is great news.

I know, they say cheap is always expensive. Well, it doesn’t apply here. From the display to the build quality to the features, you are obviously getting more than you are paying for. What’s more, the band connects with Xiaom’s latest fitness apps to give you more options.


Would I recommend Mi Band 6? Of course, yes. Are there some things I don’t like about the fitness tracker? You bet there are. Below are the reasons I feel you should buy Xiaomi’s band and a few warnings here and there.

Let me know about your experience with Mi Band (the good and the bad) via the comment section below. Also feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to answer them ASAP. Otherwise, pick your Mi Band 6 and enjoy fitness tracking on a budget!

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