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How To Order On Jumia Kenya [6 Tips To Save Money]

Wondering how to order on Jumia Kenya and save money in the process? This is the guide you’ve been looking for.

Jumia online shopping site is without a doubt the most popular in Kenya, if not Africa. Be that as it may, a number of people have ended up with fake products and (in some cases) with no delivery at all.

how to order on Jumia Kenya
Jumia Landing Page (Credit: Jumia.co.ke)

Are you one such unlucky customer? If yes, in this post I’ll share with you how to order on Jumia Kenya. What’s more, I’ll share the 6 simple tips that’ll ensure you always get the right product and save money while at it.

It matters not if you are on Jumia Kenya or Jumia Nigeria, the steps apply universally across all Jumia sites and apps.

If you want to jump directly into the money-saving steps, watch the video below.

Otherwise, let’s delve into the challenges facing most shoppers on Jumia Kenya. Before we jumped into the plights of clients like yourself and share shopping secrets that will save you money, let me paint just how big and popular Jumia Kenya is.

Jumia Online Shopping Stats

Jumia doesn’t need introduction, but in case you hearing about it for the first time, here are some important Stats…

From the above, it’s obvious why Jumia is the online shopping site of choice for thousands. But, as I mentioned earlier, not all is rosy on the platform. Some customers have very sad stories to tell; exactly the essence of this post.

Challenges of shopping on Jumia Kenya

While there may be more, here the main challenges shoppers on Jumia and similar platforms have to deal with:

Scammers: Jumia being a marketplace (allowing sellers to use their platform to sell), it has its share of scammers. And, by scammers, I mean sellers who post what they don’t have…the delivery takes long and you might find yourself with what you never ordered

Fake products: These are products that mimic popular brands but are fake in every sense of the word. The knockoffs are all over Jumia Kenya platform. While the number of fake Jumia phones is going down, knockoffs of Bluetooth speakers like JBL are everywhere.

Over-pricing: Not every buyer has an idea how to pay for the product they are looking for. So, some end up paying ludicrous amounts for products they could otherwise buy cheaply. The most affected are Jumia phones.

Delayed Delivery: There are cases where the buyer has to wait abnormally longer for their products to arrive or in some cases misses them all together. A case in point is Jumia food where some clients have complained of waiting for hours for orders that supposedly were to take 30mins.

Refunds: Jumia online shopping might be fun till you want to return a product or need a refund. I mean, what happens when you don’t like what they delivered? In some cases, getting a refund can be a real torment

It is important to note that not all customers face the above challenges. For some Jumia online shopping is seamless and fulfilling. But if you are among the people who’ve been a victim of scammers on Jumia Kenya, here is a step-by-step way to get the product you need at the price you are comfortable with.

How to order on Jumia Kenya

There are three simple rules to follow when shopping on marketplaces like Jumia and Amazon. There may be other steps, but follow these 3 and you’ll always end up with a genuine product.

1. Buy from official store where possible

Popular brands and their authorized dealers are taking advantage of the huge traffic on Jumia. They’ve set up their shops on the platform. Such shops are called Official Stores on Jumia.

jumia kenya
Example of Official Store (Source: Jumia.co.ke)

Among the benefits of ordering directly from the brand or an authorized dealer is the confidence that it’ll be a genuine product. You are also sure of the manufacture warranty and a seamless return/refund process.

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2. Buy from sellers with a score of 80% or more

The truth is that not all brands have their stores or authorized dealers on Jumia Kenya. So, what do you do to get a genuine product? Well, go for sellers with a score of at least 80%.

jumia kenya
A typical seller score on Jumia (Credit: Jumia.co.ke)

Jumia Seller Score is the average of Order Fulfillment, Product Quality and Customer Rating. A seller with a score of over 80% is likely to deliver quality products and the customers are mostly happy. Where possible, pick sellers with 100% seller score as this scream confidence.

Bottom line, find a reputable seller with the product you are looking for and order. In cases where the product is only available with sellers with lower scores, read user reviews.

3. Read reviews from verified purchases

What happens when there is no official store on Jumia for the product you are looking for? What should you do in case there are no sellers with over 80% seller score? Don’t lose hope, you still have another way to ensure you are getting the right product.

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Nothing beats real experience. While I strongly advise you to watch product reviews from influencers and get acquainted with what you want to buy, take time and read user reviews too. what other buyers are saying about the product you are supposed to buy. While at it, pay specific attention to negative reviews (3 stars and below).

Through the reviews, you can weigh the pros and cons of a product before you buy it. In case the product you are interested in has lots of bad reviews, it’s safe to avoid it and look for an alternative.

How to save money shopping on Jumia

Now that we’ve dealt with how to buy a genuine product on Jumia Kenya. Now, let’s look into how to save money buying the right product.

1. Checkout flash sales

Flash sales, as the name suggests, are time bound. Most of these sales run for 1hour, though they can go for 24 hours. Either way, the products on flash sales are comparatively cheaper.

jumia flash sales
Product on Flash Sale (Credit: Jumia.co.ke)

Something to note when it comes to these flash sales; they are mostly for those on Jumia Mobile App and rarely allow pay on delivery. In short, use your app and always have the amount ready to pay for the product.

2. Buy during promos like Jumia Black Friday

Apart from Jumia flash sales, there is Jumia Black Friday, Jumia TechWeek and of course Jumia Global. These promos mostly run for a week or more and cover some of the widest varieties of products online.

jumia black friday

To take advantage of promos like Jumia Black Friday, scour the site for the product you need and note down the promo price. Jumia indicates the promo price days before the big day. Having a product in mind and the money ready means you’ll be among the first to grab the offer.

3. Always buy in bulk

You may not know this, but shipping fees can sometimes really affect the cost of a product on ecommerce platforms like Jumia Kenya. To save on the shipping cost therefore, order in bulk.

While ordering in bulk may not be applicable to all, especially those interested in a single product, do it when you can. Otherwise, choose pickup station’ over doorstep delivery. Jumia charges comparatively low when you choose to pick up your product from one of their many stations.

You’ll end up saving whether you order in bulk or choose pickup station as a method shipping option. You save even more if you do both.


In summary, you need to buy from official stores, go for highly rated sellers and read user reviews to get the right product. To save money while on Jumia online shopping, go for flash sales, take advantage of promos and choose a pickup station to ship your bulk orders.

It’s that simple. You’ll never go wrong with these tips whether on Jumia or similar sites like Kilimall.

Should you feel the need to return a product here are the simple steps to do so:

Hope you found this simple guide useful. Feel free to share your experience on Jumia and similar sites and other tips you’ve used to save money.

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