Best Water Dispensers in Kenya

Top 10 Best Water Dispensers in Kenya [2023 Update]

Are you looking for the best water dispenser in Kenya but have no idea which to buy? Look no further. In this post we feature 10 of the best water dispensers in Kenya to simplify your search.

Before we jump to the list, let’s briefly go over what a water dispenser is, the types of dispensers there are, the benefits of owning one and factors to consider when buying one.

What is a water dispenser?

There are several definitions out there as to what a water dispenser is. Well, this description from waterlogic captures it so well…

A water dispenser for home or office has temperatures ranging from Cold (default setting 5°C); Ambient (room temperature); Hot (default setting 87°C); Extra hot (default setting 95°C).

NOTE: This is a simple water dispenser machine that does not need electricity. They are also the cheapest

Types of Water Dispenser

There are two main types of water dispensers namely Bottled and Point of Use.

Bottled Dispensers, as the name indicates, use replaceable water bottles of varying sizes (mostly 20 liters).

The Point of Use, on the other hand, is plumbed in (connected to your main water supply. You don’t need a bottle or anything, just a constant supply of water in the pipes.

Now, there are subcategories of dispensers under each type.

Categories of Bottled Water Dispenser

Categories of Point of Use Dispensers

Why you need a water dispenser

There are dozens of reasons you need a water dispenser in your home or office. Below are the 5 main reasons to get a dispenser if you don’t have one already

As you can see, the benefits of having a water cooler in your home/office outweigh the challenges if any.

What to consider when buying water dispensers

While you could walk to any appliances shop and pick any water dispenser, considering these factors will ensure you get the best deal

I’ve carefully picked the dispensers on this list based on product features, customer ratings, and or retail prices. So, go through it and pick the one that best suits your needs.


Ramtons RM/431

A Ramtons water dispenser is a common appliance in many homes and offices in Kenya. And there is a reason for it. These dispensers are durable and energy saving and Ramtons RM/431 Water Dispenser is no exception.

You get a free standing, top loading dispenser with an actual fridge. Unlike taps, that are prone to breakage, Ramtons RM/431 Water Dispensers has sturdy Hot and Cold buttons.

Now that the water cooler has a refrigerator, you may be thinking it will eat into your electricity bill. Not at all, this particular Ramtons dispenser is energy star rated. It uses very little power to achieve both cooling and heating.

Ramtons RM/431 Specs & Features

Below are some of the important features and specs of Ramtons RM/431. Don’t forget to check out their manual for detailed specs should you choose to buy this appliance.

Free standing

Hot & cold with LED indicators

Hot water 85-95°C; cold water 5-10°C

Input power: 550W

Micro-fridge compartment

R134a refrigerant compressor

Electricity leakage protection

Button dispenser

Ramtons RM/431

The fridge will come in handy for cold drinks, Ice and even keeping perishable products like milk. It might not replace your main fridge, but you’ll have something to get you going without amplifying your electricity bill.

Ramtons RM/431 Pricing & Where to buy

As the demand for automatic water dispensers increases, so is the price of the appliance. Ramtons RM/431 goes for between 26,000/- and 28,000/-. To get the best deal checkout Ramtons Official store on Jumia or their website.

In case you don’t find Ramtons RM/431 water dispenser on Official store, you can pick one from an appliance store you trust.

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Mika MWDB2902/BLS

MIKA makes some of the best automatic water coolers you can find in Kenya. Take this MIKA MWDB2902/BLS for instance, the design is something you didn’t see often. The fact that you don’t have to touch the appliance to dispense water makes MIKA MWDB2902/BLS both safe and hygienic to use.

Being a bottom-loading dispenser, you are spared the trouble of lifting heavy water containers every now and then. Again, the water bottle is always inside making it a neat gadget. You can depend on MIKA MWDB2902/BLS to complement your home/office decor.

Mika MWDB2902/BLS Specs & Features

Here is a summary of some of the features that make MIKA MWDB2902/BLS a darling of many. If you need more information about the MIKA appliance, be sure to check their website or an authorized dealer.

High-efficiency Compressor Cooling

Hot & Cold-Water Function

Total Power 660W

Hot Tank Capacity 1 L

Cold Tank Capacity 3.2 L

Child Safety Lock for hot water

Hot & Cold-Water Power Switch

Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank

Mika MWDB2902/BLS

The Child Safety Lock ensures your kid doesn’t accidentally burn from the hot water. You get the peace of mind you deserve as a parent. What’s more, the Mika water dispenser doesn’t use a lot of power. Your electricity bill will always remain within manageable levels!

u the peace

Mika MWDB2902/BLS Pricing & Where to buy

Don’t be shocked by the water dispenser price, focus on value for money instead. Now, this particular Mika Water Dispenser goes for about 30,000/-. Though you can easily buy MIKA MWDB2902/BLS for 29,000/- or 31,000/-.

There are times when you may not find MIKA MWDB2902/BLS on their official store in Jumia. In such cases, I suggest you check it on Mika’s Website or on other popular market places like SkyGarden.


If you love SANYO products, you’ll certainly enjoy using Armco appliances. Armco AD-17FHNCR is a top-of-the-line water cooler with one of best implementations of the Super Quiet Technology. You wouldn’t hear a sound when using this Armco dispenser.

As a high-end water dispenser machine, Armco AD-17FHNCR has an inbuilt refrigerator. The appliance also has Rapid Heating/Cooling meaning you won’t wait too long for your hot/cold water.

ARMCO AD-17FHNCR Specs & Features

The Armco AD-17FHNCR is a Freestanding Top-load Dispenser. Place it in the right place, load the water bottle and you are set. Here are some of the key specs that make this Armco water dispenser great value for money.

Free Standing -97 cm

Has 3 Taps (hot, cold, normal)

Super Quiet

Inbuilt 16L Refrigerator

Child Lock Safety for hot water

Rapid heating and cooling system

Has single shelf

Super Cooling


You get 3 sturdy and hygienic taps for your cold/hot water. Of course, it comes with a modern 16L fridge for storing food or drinks for longer.

ARMCO AD-17FHNCR Pricing & Where to buy

The Armco water dispenser costs between 21,000/- and 23,000/- depending on the store. For best deal, I recommend you order your water cooler from one of the trusted online stores in Kenya.

Armco has an Official Store on Jumia, check it out for amazing discounts on water purifiers and other appliances. Otherwise, feel free to order your Armco AD-17FHNCR from any physical store you trust.

Bruhm BDS HC555

Bruhm is another company that has penetrated the Kenyan market so fast. They make some of the best kitchen appliances you’ll find in stores. Speaking of great products, Bruhm BDS HC555 is a lightweight dispenser rocking a 16L fridge.

With this dispenser, you can keep your fruit and milk in the fridge and enjoy cold/hot water whenever you like. Bruhm Water Dispenser also has a technology to kill bacteria, keeping your drinking water pure at all times.

While the presence of a fridge always points to high electricity costs, this isn’t the case with Bruhm BDS HC555. The dispenser is energy efficient, durable, uses silicon pipes, and is easy to use.

Bruhm BDS HC555 is a hot and cold water dispenser that is good for home, office, or for outdoor use.

Bruhm BDS HC555 Specs & Features

The food grade stainless steel water tank and the ability to kill germs are iconic features of Bruhm BDS HC555. Below are some of the features that make this particular Bruhm dispenser the choice of many.

Two taps (Hot & Cold water)

Floor standing water dispenser

Built-in 16L capacity refrigerator

Hot/cold water capacity L/H – 5/2

Food grade stainless steel water tank

High efficiency compressor cooling

Anti-bacterial material

Anti-leakage water system

Bruhm BDS HC555

The Anti-leakage system keeps your floors dry always. It also prevents accidents if water touches the power sockets. Remember, the Bruhm water dispenser only supports Hot/Cold. For room temperature, you may have to switch Bruhm BDS HC555 off.

Bruhm BDS HC555 Pricing & Where to buy

This is the most liberally priced water dispenser on our list. Depending on the retailers, you can get Bruhm BDS HC555 from between 14,000/- and 18,000/-. As the rule, go for authorized dealer or buy from Bruhm themselves.

Buying from the Company itself or an authorized dealer comes with its perks. You get a valid warranty and a genuine product. The peace of mind that comes with buying from a reliable store is unmatched.

Von VADA2304Y

Price and build quality are some of what makes Von VADA2304Y one of the best water dispensers in Kenya. From hygienic tap buttons to convenient bottom-loading, this Von Water Cooler is fit for your home and or office.

You don’t have to worry about your child’s safety around this appliance; it has a Child Safety Lock. In addition, Von VADA2304Y has compressor cooling in an exquisite design.

Von VADA2304Y Specs & Features

Looking for an easy-to-use automatic water dispenser? Here are some of the features that you’ll love about Von VADA2304Y.

Has 3 taps (Hot, Cold and Normal)

Comes with Child Lock safety feature

Convenient Bottom loading

Has Molded tank

Has compressor cooling

Hygienic push button taps

Exquisite Design

Energy Saving rapid heating/cooling

Von VADA2304Y

The molded tank means the cooler can handle impact and shock so well. You are looking at an extremely durable piece of appliance for your home or office.

Von VADA2304Y Pricing & Where to buy

You can easily get Von VADA2304Y for between 29,000/- and 32,000. Just ensure you are buying from a legit store to avoid faulty products. I suggest you buy from Hotpoint directly.

Hot point also has an official store on Jumia, Kilimall and SkyGarden. Do check them out for even better deals on Von water dispensers.

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG

It is rare to come by Panasonic water coolers in Kenya. But, thanks to Hotpoint, you can buy the best from Japan. Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG is modern by any definition of the term. You get Overheat Protection, a cabinet that’s resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG has all the features you’d expect in a top-of-the-line water dispenser. Child Lock, Stainless steel tank and inbuilt thermo-regulator are just some of the perks.

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG Specs & Features

A new brand in the Kenya water dispenser market, but very competitive in terms of value for money. Here are some of the specs and features of Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG you’ll surely love.

Three taps (Hot Cold & Normal)

Sleek Bottom loading design

Child safety lock

Overheat protection

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel door for cabinet

Stainless steel tank

Black & Stainless-Steel finish

Multi-frequency support

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG

Unlike water dispenser countertop, you simply load your Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG dispenser from the bottom. Again, this Panasonic water dispenser supports multiple electricity frequencies. Meaning you can plug it in any electric socket and never worry about electric malfunctions due to incompatible frequencies.

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG Pricing & Where to buy

Panasonic SDM-WD3438BG is currently available on Hotpoint for about 40,000/-. Hopefully, other stores will start stocking Panasonic water dispensers and lower the price in the process.

Always check the Hotpoint store on marketplaces like Jumia for hot deals on this bottom load water dispenser.

Sayona SWD-2295

From affordable juicers to music systems, Sayona is quickly finding their way into Kenyans’ homes. But that’s not all they make; Sayona water dispensers are some of the uniquely build and competitively priced in Kenya.

Take Sayona SWD-2295 for instance, you get an energy saving water cooler with a large storage tank. But that’s not all, the taps are easy to use and durable.

Sayona SWD-2295 Specs & Features

If there is one thing that sets Sayona SWD-2295 apart from the competition it must be the Stylish design. It’s almost cylindrical and fits perfectly in a Livingroom or office corner. Here are some of the specs of Sayona SWD-2295 you need to know.

Free standing top loading

Unique and stylish design

Has two taps (Hot and cold)

Comes with Child Safety Lock

Has energy saving fan cooling

Efficient and durable

Large storage capacity

Black & Silver Finish

Sayona SWD-2295

Like the Bruhm dispenser, Sayona SWD-2295 will give you clean hot/cold water. In addition, the taps have Child Lock to protect your child from accidental burns.

Sayona SWD-2295 Pricing & Where to buy

Sayona water dispensers are some of the most fairly priced in Kenya today. For the same features and specs, Sayona SWD-2295 goes for between 14,000/- and 22,000. The difference in price depends on retailers.

You can get Sayona water dispensers from their website too. I must admit the deals on the website are better than you’ll find elsewhere.

Redberry RWD232

Redberry is popular for its cost-effective blenders, but theirs isn’t limited to blenders. The company has some of the best water dispensers in Kenya too.

If you are looking for a dispenser with a storage compartment, compressor cooling, and anti-bacterial for your home or office, this particular Redberry dispenser should be among your top choices.

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Enjoying refreshing cold water in your office no longer has to cost more.

Redberry RWD232 Specs & Features

With the best Redberry dispenser, you also get an ergonomic push tap, a cooler that makes the least noise and consumes the least power.

Dispense Hot and normal

Convenient push tap

Stainless steel hot water tank

Low noise design

Anti-bacterial material

Spacious Storage compartment

Easy to clean

Supports Voltage of 220-240V

Redberry RWD232

If you want an easy to clean appliance, then this Redberry RWD232 is the real deal. The anti-bacterial material means even your normal water will be germ free.

Redberry RWD232 Pricing & Where to buy

You can easily get Redberry RWD232 for between 6,000/- and 9,000/- depending on where you do your shopping. I recommend you buy your Redberry dispenser from a reputable shop or ecommerce website.

Since Redberry isn’t such an established brand in Kenya, insist on warranty. You don’t want to pick a product you can neither return nor have repaired, do you?

Nexus NX WD-89S

Nexus Appliances are slowly gaining acceptance in Kenya. From refrigerators to gas cookers, you are in for a bargain with this Nigerian brand. Nexus water dispensers are equally competitive both in terms of features and pricing.

Value for money is what I’d call Nexus NX WD-89S. It has 3 taps (Hot, cold and normal), a mini fridge and a large water tank.

Nexus NX WD-89S Specs & Features

If you are in the market for an energy-saving water purifier, then look no further than Nexus NX WD-89S. The rapid heating/cooling means you won’t spend too much time and money to get your cold/hot water.

Three taps (Hot, Cold and Normal)

Efficient compressor cooling

Has an R134a Refrigerant

Has a fridge compartment

Heating and cooling power – 550W/100W

Voltage and Frequency – 220-240V/50-60HZ

Hot Water 85 Degrees (5L/H)

Cold Water 10 Degrees (2L/H)

Nexus NX WD-89S

The mini fridge you get with this particular Nexus Dispenser is enough to hold your drink and food for the day. Not a replacement for a bigger fridge, but enough to get you and guests going

Nexus NX WD-89S Pricing & Where to buy

Nexus NX WD-89S is available in Kenya for between 16,000/- and 19,000/-. You can easily buy the cooler from most of the stores in Kenya. As a rule, though, I strongly suggest you buy from their authorized dealer.

Nexus’s own official store on Jumia should be your first stop for anything Nexus Appliance. However, feel free to order from a trusted appliances store near you.

Nunix R98

While Nunix is quite a new brand in Kenya, their products are becoming popular by the day. Why? Because they sell quality products at very competitive rates. Nunix Water Dispensers are not exception when it comes to value for money.

Nunix R98, for instance, squeezes energy-saving technology into an easy-to-operate dispenser. You don’t have to heat your water every time anymore. This Nunix Water Dispenser only requires a single heating for you to enjoy hot or warm water the whole day.

Apart from being easy to use, Nunix R98 boasts automatic temperature control. You also get durable taps and a safety feature that prevents Dry burning.

Nunix R98 Specs & Features

Apart from the benefits of a free-standing dispenser, Nunix R98 has leakage protection to prevent electricity-related accidents. Here are some of the features you’ll love about the Nunix dispenser

Free standing

Hot and Normal

Hot water 85-95°C

LED Indicators

Electricity leakage protection

Climate class: T

Input power: 550W

One time heating

Nunix R98

Nunix has a large 5L tank for hot water, enough for a small family or a not so busy office. You also get LED indicators for the Hot and Normal buttons.

Nunix R98 Pricing & Where to buy

The Nunix water dispenser is available in most stores for around 8,000/-. Considering the one-time heating technology, this is a steal. You can buy it from reliable sellers on platforms like Jumia and Kilimall.

For even better deals, try free classifieds like Jiji and Pigiame. You are likely to get the Nunix R98 at a price lower than 8k.

In conclusion, I must admit that there are many other brands I didn’t capture in this post. For instance, the Culligan water dispenser is another reliable brand you give a try. It’s not readily avaiblabe in Kenya though.

Anyway, feel free to add to the list (via the comment section). I’ll also be updating the post accordingly. Otherwise, go ahead and pick your favorite dispenser and share your experience. Don’t forget to share the post with friends and family if you find it useful

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