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Top 10 Best Smartphones 2013 [Real Gamechangers]

The year 2013, saw the fiercest competition among smartphone manufacturers. It even became so hard to pick the right phone. Big names like Nokia found themselves in unexpected oblivion as Android gained ground over other Operating Systems.

Once the darling of most phone users, Symbian and Blackberry Operating Systems were no longer popular. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS dominated the scene. In fact, the competition was and still is between these two OS.

Honestly, it is not easy to come up with a list like this and get a hundred percent approval from readers. So, I’ll try as much as possible to avoid any bias when describing the top 10 smartphones that ruled 2013. Let’s look at the list straight away.

1. HTC One

While there are hundreds of Smartphones in the market, HTC One still stands out in many ways. The phone took to design and innovation a notch higher, literally. First, it had an Ultraplex Camera, the latest Android Operating System (i.e. KitKat), and a Quad-Core processor.

According to most trusted reviews, HTC One had the best design in the market. Additional features like the HTC Zoe and BoomSound (for quality video and sound respectively) gave the phone an edge over other brands.


Since it is hard to attain perfection, especially in the technology field, HTC One had a few drawbacks. For example, its alarm feature was just too simple for a Smartphone of this level. On the other hand, it had no memory slot. This means you may not enjoy additional storage except the 32GB internal storage. Looking at the bigger picture though, HTC One gave and still gives value for money.

2. iPhone 5

To some, the name iPhone carries with it a tag of quality and class. Right, one must agree that Apple’s iPhone 5 is no mediocre phone by all standards. Most people were attracted to the iPhone because of its unique features. Not only is the body made of quality material but phone has uses one of the high-end Antennas. This meant that one needed not to worry about losing signals anymore.

Apart from its powerful iOS 6 Operating System, iPhone 5 has a great 4-Inch display protected by the scratch-resistant corning gorilla glass. In addition, the gadget has an unmatched display as it uses the triple-core graphics (i.e. PowerVR SGX 543MP3).

IPhone 5

A long-lasting battery, iCloud service, and the possibility to upgrade to iOS 7 are just some of the special features propelling the phone into popularity even today.

Did iPhone 5 have any drawbacks? Yes, its the pricing. Like most of Apple’s products, iPhone 5 is simply expensive. Despite the fact that their maps are not great you will still spend a small fortune to have this phone. On the other hand, it uses a Nano-SIM as opposed to Micro-SIM and has a non-removable battery.

Regardless of the few setbacks, an unbiased look at the phone shows it is a top-notch piece of technology and worth having even today.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is not just the leading phone producer in the world but one of the top-rated innovators of our days. As a matter of fact, Samsung Galaxy S4 and its special features have been trending online for quite some time. I continue to trend even though there is a Galaxy S5 with even better features.

Why the fuss about Galaxy S4? Well, Samsung Galaxy S4 has some unique features. For example, the Koren gadget has Smart Scroll/Pause, Smart Call Accept and Air View features that enable the manipulation of Galaxy S4 without touching it. You simply hover or use your eyes to control the phone.

The phone also has a Translator (capable of translating over 9 languages to English). Story Album, Photo reader, Eraser shot, S Health, WatchOn video, Cinema Photo, and Group Gaming features are some of the additional unique features.

Galaxy S4

Furthermore, there is a Dual Camera photo and Recoding through 13MP and 2MP rear and front cameras respectively. The phone’s overall performance is above board. In fact, most reviews have not found serious flaws with this phone except that it is cheaper without compromising on the quality. Want to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S4? Below is the right link to visit:

4. Nokia Lumia 925

Lumia 925 is what you would call a facelift of Nokia Lumia 920. Lovers of windows phone OS had something better with Lumia 925. While it does not offer great features like its successors i.e. Lumia 1020 and 1520, it has enough to compete in the market.

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For example, Lumia 925 is slimmer, has AMOLED 4.5 inch touch display and gyroscope proximity sensor. Technologically, the AMOLED screen has better viewing angles and low power consumption. In addition, AMOLED makes it easier to have bigger screen on thinner phones.

Lumia 925

With 32GB inbuilt storage and an FM Radio, this window phone is not a bad choice at all. However, some few things are dragging the Lumia 925 back. For instance, it lacks a MicroSD card slot thus limiting you to its 32 GB internal memory. Nokia Lumia 925 also lacks the capacity to record a stereo video recording. Still, it lacks features like all-system file managers and lockscreen shortcuts.

When you look at the bigger picture though, the Lumia 925 competes just fine with other top-end phones. You might even find it more appealing and feature-rich than some high-end Android phones.

5. Google Nexus 4

While most high-end android Smartphones will cost a fortune, Google Nexus 4 won’t. The phone retails at some of the lowest rates in the market. Certainly, you get more than you pay for when it comes to Nexus 4. Now, for those who may not have an idea, this is one of LG phones with plenty of Google’s features.

You, therefore, expect features like Google Now, PhotoSphere, Google Maps, Google Play, and other Android 4.2 features. Fortunately, the Nexus 4 is available in two versions i.e. the 8GB release and the 16GB one. Again, the price variation between the versions is just about $50.

Google Nexus 4

The unbelievably cheap price, better screen, design, and Android 4.2 notwithstanding, Nexus has some drawbacks. For instance, there is no room for expanding the 8GB or 16GB internal memory. In fact, the phone lacks 4G capabilities and flash internet. Overall, Google Nexus is too good for its retail price you should check it out.

6. Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is the right phone if you are looking for HD Voice, stunning music quality, and water resistance features. Most people also commend the phone for its video recording ability. While it stands among the best-designed Smartphones, Sony Xperia Z is costly.

For whatever reason, Sony has decided to price its phone a little bit higher. Maybe the high price is due to the powerful 13MP primary camera or the unmatched 2.2 MP frontal webcam.

Sony Xperia Z

Some of the interesting features of the Sony Xperia Z include a Full HD 5 inch capacitive display. Despite the large screen, you still have a surprisingly slimmer and lighter phone. In fact, Xperia Z only competes with HTC One when it comes to design. Moreover, there is a memory card slot to complement the phone’s 16GB internal memory. Xperia Z can also resist dust and water for up to 30 minutes.

Apart from the few software bugs and a non-removable battery, Sony Xperia is a great phone from a reputable company. So, it may worth the money when all features are considered.

7. Moto X

Truth be told, Motorola has survived many tides in the technology industry. It is also considered very lucky by many since it is currently under Google (the internet search giant). Since their merger in 2012, most Motorola users were anticipating the release of a game-changer.

This was not a misplaced expectation since Google also owns the popular Android operating system. On the other hand, Motorola has experience in phone manufacturing.

Moto X

Fortunately, Motorola hasn’t disappointed its customers. Moto X is touted as a new approach to Smartphone design. Moto X uses the latest android 4.2.2, has powerful voice-command features and other touchless features. This makes it the most user-friendly Smartphone in the market. In essence, you will be owning a small robot capable of taking orders from you and executing them at unmatched speeds.

Interestingly, the approximated price tag is not as high as many would expect. Even with its 1.7 GHz Dual Core CPU and a 2 GB RAM, the phone will be shipped at very competitive prices. In short, most of its features will not greatly affect the phone’s pricing. In addition, you can choose your own design.

However, you should not expect too much on the camera and video recording abilities.  It is unfortunate than the much-anticipated flagship phone will not be the best choice for photography and video recording.

8. Blackberry Z10 & Q10

First, the Canadian phone maker must be commended for bouncing back into the market with some amazing pieces of technology. It seems they just stepped up to strategically propel the brand to its former glory. I am referring to when Blackberry phones were the best.

Blackberry Z10

Unexpectedly (so it appeared), newer brands took over the market share. In fact, most customers were almost forgetting that Blackberry existed. However, the firm recently bounced back into the crowded market with Blackberry Z10. Interestingly, the firm released the Q10 edition before clients even had the chance to understand the Z10.

Have you ever wondered if there is a big technical difference between the latest Blackberry phones? I am asking with reference to Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. Well, there is not much and the quick release of Q10 might be a strategic move to retain their traditional customers. For example, they both use Blackberry 10.1 Operating System.

Blackberry Q10

Both also have 8MP and 2MP rear and frontal cameras respectively. Similarly, Z10 and Q10 both have 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card of up to 64GB. In addition, both Blackberry Z10 and Q10 have a powerful 2GB RAM and 1.5GHz processor.

However, there is a little different when it comes to the processor type. For instance, while the Z10 uses Snapdragon S4 Plus, Q10 uses Qualcomm MSM8960. The other real difference is the size and type of screen. Blackberry Q10 has a 4.2-inch LCD screen while the Q10 has a 3.1-inch Super AMOLED screen plus a QWERTY keyboard.

9. Huawei Ascend P2

Huawei may be the new child on the block but it is already causing a stir in the market. It is a fact that the company’s market share cannot beat that of Nokia, Samsung, or Apple. However, I think the introduction of Huawei Ascend P2 may turn things around for the company.

Huawei Ascend P2can supports internet speeds of up to 150Mbps on the LTE network thus making it the fastest smartphone in the world. Interestingly, no brand has claim better speeds yet. Ascend P2 also has decent specifications bearing in mind it uses Android 4.1.2 (known for advanced features).

A powerful frontal camera (13MP), a faster CUP, and support for HTML 5 are just some of the things you will like about the phone.

Huawei P2

However, the User Interface is underwhelming compared to its peers. In addition, the battery does not last as long as one would expect from a phone this expensive. Huawei Ascend P2 also lacks a memory card slot meaning you cannot have more storage. Nonetheless, you can still buy it if you are interested in super-fast internet speeds on LTE (4G) networks.

10. Optimus G Pro

LG may not be on your mind when it comes to expensive phones but you certainly believe in the quality of its products. The fact that LG electronics have a worldwide acceptance is enough evidence for that. Sadly, LG has not been too successful with most of its Smartphones. Now that they have a top-notch smartphone in the Optimus G Pro (E988), it appears things might change for the better.

LG G Pro

Primarily, the phone has a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 600 processor, and a powerful RAM. These features alone throw LG into the top spot and to real competition. Features like VR Panorama 360-degrees and Full HD Video Recording shows that the company is seriously into the market.

There is a little concern about Optimus G Pro pricing criteria. For instance, while some unlocked versions go for over $600, the price is surprisingly cheaper in some countries like India. It remains to be seen; if the company will come up with standard pricing policy. The bottom line, LG is defiantly catching up and may surprise the market. I think Optimus G Pro (E988) is just a show of what to come.

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