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10 Best Xiaomi Phones in Kenya [2022 Update]

Are you looking for the best Xiaomi phones in Kenya? Look no further. In this post I list more than 10 Xiaomi phones (currently available in Kenya) that do give real value for money.

Before we jump to the list of the best Xiaomi phones in Kenya, let’s get a few things out of the way. For instance, why would you choose a comparatively new brand like Xiaomi? While a newcomer in the phone industry, Xiaomi is already the 3rd most sold brand globally. Only Samsung and Apple are ahead of the Chinese Brand in terms of sales.

Here are some special features you’ll find in recent Xiaomi phones:

  • Second Space: The ability to create a different user profile in a single phone. It’s like having an Admin account and Guest Account on a phone. All you need for privacy.
  • Back Tap: A magical feature that allows you to access your favorite tools (e.g., Calculator, Silent Mode, Camera Torch etc.) by just taping the back of your phone twice or thrice.
  • App Lock: Unlike most Android phones where you have to download a third-party app to secure your WhatsApp etc., Xiaomi has this feature out of the box. And it uses Face Unlock or Fingerprint.
  • App Volume Control: Want to increase the YouTube volume while reducing it on Instagram? That’s possible on a Xiaomi phone. Such freedom is not easy to come by today.
  • Three Finger Slide Screenshots: Want to take a screenshot? Why not just slide three of your fingers on your screen downward and let the power and volume buttons rest?
Did you know that Xiaomi launched their MIUI Software before ever creating a single phone? And did you know that the brand holds the World’s Record for selling over 2m phones in 24hrs?

Now that you have an idea what you get with one these Xiaomi phones in Kenya, let’s jump right into the list. I’ve tried to include models to fit the carter for all budgets.

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To ensure you get a complete picture, I’ve shared Important Spec and Features, The Pros and Cons as well as Pricing and where to buy each phone.

The pricing info is the average by the time of writing this post. You might get the phones at a high or lower price. And, the Jumia links are from Xiaomi’s Official Store. You are free to buy your Xiaomi phone from your favorite store.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A 

Redmi 9A is the Defacto entry Xiaomi phone. The word ‘entry’ shouldn’t mislead you though, the phone packs more features than what you pay for. For instance, you get a huge 6.5-inch HD+ IPS Screen. That means you enjoy amazing viewing angles and acceptable outdoors.

Whereas the Redmi 9A uses Android 10 and the lightweight Helio G25 processor, the phone comes with up to 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. For an entry phone, you have unbeatable options.

I must admit that the Camera isn’t competitive but it is usable for the price. The crown of this phone is the huge 5000mAh battery that can last you a day or two on normal use.

Redmi 9A Specs & Features

Redmi 9A

DISPLAY: 6.53 inches HD, IPS Screen (269ppi)

OS: Android 10, MIUI 12

PROCESSOR: MediaTek Helio G25, Octa-core 2.0 GHz

CAMERA: Single 13mp rear camera (FHD video) and 5mp front camera (FHD video)

STORAGE: 2/3/4/6GB RAM and 32/64/128GB ROM

BATTERY: 5000mAh, single day charge

FEATURE: Bluetooth 5.0, Audio jack, MicroSD slot

COLORS: Sea Blue, Midnight Black, Nature Green

Redmi 9A Pros & Cons

There are several reasons why you should grab your Xaiomi Redmi 9A now, but in the spirit of fairness you need to know about the few disadvantages of buying this particular phone.

Reasons to buy
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent battery for the price
  • Bright IPS Display
  • Expandable Memory
  • Dual SIM
  • More colors to choose from
Reasons to avoid
  • No fingerprint scanner
  • Uses Android 10
  • No screen protection

If the absence of a Fingerprint scanner, the old Android Version and lack of screen protection are not deal breakers, then by all means buy this phone. However, if you care about the features, please check the next phone in the list.

Redmi 9A Pricing & Where to buy

The base variant of Redmi 9A (with 2Gb RAM and 32GB ROM) costs about 10,000/- or about $100. The variant that packs 4GB RAM and 128GB Internal Memory will dent your pocket about 17,000/- or about $160.

In Kenya, I recommend Xiaomi Official Store on Jumia. You can also order from any reputable store near you.

To get Redmi 9A at even a cheaper price, take advantage of Flash Sales, Tech Weeks and Black Fridays on Jumia. You are likely to buy the base model for less than $100

Xiaomi Redmi 9C

Redmi 9C is your next choice if you find the Redmi 9A too basic. While it has the same screen size and resolution, Xiaomi Redmi 9C comes with a slightly better processor and camera setup. What’s more, you also get a rear mounted Fingerprint Scanner.

The Xiaomi phone also comes with variants with different RAM and ROM configuration. You can pick from 2GB to 4GB of. The available internal storage includes 32GB, 64GB and 128GB to suit your needs.

When it comes to battery life, you can depend on MIUI battery optimization. The 5000mAh will last you more than 24 if you not a heavy user.

Redmi 9C Specs & Features

Redmi 9C

DISPLAY: 6.53 inches HD, IPS Screen (269ppi)

OS: Android 10, MIUI 12

PROCESSOR: MediaTek Helio G35, Octa-core 2.3GHz

CAMERA: Triple Rear Camera Setup (13mp main, 2mp macro and 2mp depth) and 5mp front camera

STORAGE: 2/3/4GB RAM, from 32/64/128GB ROM

BATTERY: 5000mAh, single day charge

FEATURE: Fingerprint, FM Radio, FHD Video

COLORS: Midnight Gray, Sunrise Orange, Twilight Blue

Redmi 9C Pros & Cons

While it is true that Redmi 9C is quite an improvement on the entry level Redmi 9A, not everything is rosy. There are enough reasons to buy this phone, don’t get me wrong. But you also deserve to know the downsides of owning a Xiaomi Redmi 9C.

Reasons to buy
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Acceptable camera for the price
  • Reliable Processor
  • Dependable battery life
  • Useful fingerprint scanner
  • Competitive pricing
Reasons to avoid
  • Average Display
  • No fast charging
  • No USB Type-C

As one of the budget Xiaomi phones in Kenya, Redmi 9C brings a lot on the table for ordinary for use. However, if you care about a brilliant FHD Display or can’t do with the convenience of the USB Type C, this isn’t the phone you are looking for.

You may be interested in the recent budget phones from Xiaomi.

Redmi 9C Pricing & Where to buy

The price of Xiaomi Redmi 9C ranges from 14,000/- to 18,000/- depending on the storage configuration. To get the best deal, I suggest you go with the option with higher storage. And, since RAM plays a major role in how smoothly your apps run, go for the 4GB RAM version.

Are you a shopper outside Kenya? You can check Xiaomi’s website for offers or popular market places like Amazon.

Xiaomi Redmi 10A

Following Redmi 7A’s success, the company has maintained the A Series since. Redmi 10A, like its predecessors, aims at packing decent features in a cheap phone. Though you still don’t get a FHD screen, the IPS panel makes for great viewing angles and legibility outdoor.

There is nothing new about the processor as it is the same old one you find in 9A. But the 2.0GHz Octa-core CPU won’t disappoint when handling simple tasks like social media, and web browsing.

You can choose from a 2GB, 3GB and 4GB model. The more RAM and storage the more the price of the phone.

On matters battery, the Android 10 device is backed by a whopping 5000mAh optimized battery. A normal user will never have to carry a charger when using Redmi 10A

Redmi 10A Specs & Features

Redmi 10A

DISPLAY: 6.53 inches HD, IPS Screen (269ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 12.5

PROCESSOR: MediaTek Helio G25, Octa-core 2.0 GHz

CAMERA: Single 13mp rear camera (FHD video) and 5mp front camera (FHD video)

STORAGE: 2GB to 4GB RAM, from 32GB to 128GB

BATTERY: 5000mAh, non-removable

FEATURE: Wi-Fi Hotspot, Fingerprint, Audio jack

COLORS: Charcoal Black, Sea Blue, Slate Grey

Redmi 10A Pros & Cons

Whereas Redmi 10A runs the recent Android 11, supports fingerprint and has fantastic battery life, there are other reasons why you might not want to buy this phone. Below are some of the pros and cons of Redmi 10A

Reasons to buy
  • Runs on Android 11
  • Has Fingerprint Sensor
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Expandable Memory upto 512GB
  • Very affordable
  • 3 colors to choose from
Reasons to avoid
  • Weak Processor
  • Average Display
  • Below par camera

Being a new phone, the design is quite modern and MIUI 12.5 offers better battery and app optimization. You won’t get USB Type-C and of course the Display is not a Full HD.

Redmi 10A Pricing & Where to buy

You can get this phone for about 12,000/- for the basic variant or about 15,000 for the 4GB version. For the best deal, I recommend you buy from Xiaomi’s Official store on Jumia.

Otherwise, Xiaomi Redmi 10A remains a competitive phone when it comes to features vs price. Pick and enjoy.

The main difference between Xiaomi Redmi 9A and Redmi 10A is that the latter runs on Android 11 and has Fingerprint Sensor.

Xiaomi Redmi 10C

Xiaomi Redmi 10C is an upgrade of Redmi 9C. Is the update noticeable enough to warrant the hike in price? Well, it’s pretty good and worth it if you asked me.

Redmi 10C comes with the same HD IPS Display but with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. You also get a better Snapdragon Processor for smooth apps and lite gaming.

The camera set up features a whopping 50MP main and a 2MP depth to give you acceptable photos. This is the same wide camera Xiaomi uses in their Note series, so you can expect decent FHD videos and pictures.

Did I mention that the 5000mAh battery on the Redmi 10C supports Fast Charging? Yes, it does up to 18W. For the price, this is a pure gift. There is also USB Type-C for cross compatibility.

What about the software, you may be wondering? Well, you get Android 11 with MIUI 13.

Redmi 10C Specs & Features

Redmi 10C

DISPLAY: 6.71 inches HD, IPS Screen (268ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 13

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 680, Octa-core 2.4 GHz

CAMERA: Dual rear camera setup (50 mp main, 2mp depth) and 5mp front camera (FHD video)


BATTERY: 5000mAh, Fast charging 18W

FEATURE: Fast charging, Fingerprint, USB Type C

COLORS: Graphite Gray, Ocean Blue, Mint Green

Redmi 10C Pros & Cons

If you asked me, I’d say go ahead and buy the Redmi 10C. But to fail to share some shortcomings will be insincerity on my part. So, here are some of the things Xiaomi got right and where they flopped.

Reasons to buy
  • Modern Design
  • Reliable Processor
  • Decent Camera setup
  • Fast charging
  • Has USB Type-C
  • MIUI 13 based on Android 11
Reasons to avoid
  • Average Display
  • 18W Charger not included
  • Bloatware

While you can remove the bloatware from MIUI 13, there is nothing you can do about the screen resolution. If you don’t care about a FHD Display or you don’t mind buying the fast charger separately, go ahead and pick Redmi 10C and enjoy.

Redmi 10C Pricing & Where to buy

Xiaomi Redmi 10C goes for around 20,000/-, though you can get it on offer at about 18,000/-. Xiaomi runs several offers during which most of their products are considerably affordable.

You may want to checkout shops like Avechi and PhonePlace for deals too.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note Series are among the most confusing when it comes to specs. For instance, Redmi Note 8 (a 2019 phone) can take 4k videos and runs on Snapdragon Processor, while the Redmi Note 9 is limited to FHD videos and runs on a slower MediaTek Processor.

Anyway, the Redmi Note 10 5G boasts of brilliant IPS Display with a 90Hz refresh rate. You don’t get the Gorilla Glass 5 found in both Note 8 and Note 9, but you have a 5G Processor by MediaTek.

Redmi Note 10 5G doesn’t have the ultrawide camera you’ll find in the predecessors but runs Android 11 out of the box. You also get up to 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

Redmi Note 10 5G Specs & Features

Redmi Note 10 5G

DISPLAY: 6.5 inches FHD, IPS Screen (405ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 12

PROCESSOR: Dimensity 700, Octa-core 2.2 GHz

CAMERA: Triple rear camera setup (48mp wide, 2mp macro and 2mp depth) and 8mp front camera

STORAGE: 4/6/8GB RAM and 64/128/256GB

BATTERY: 5000mAh, Fast charging 18W

FEATURE: Gorilla Glass 3, USB Type C, Fast charging

COLORS: Silver, Gray, Blue, Green

Redmi Note 10 5G Pros & Cons

A honest comparison with the predecessors paints a very tricky picture. Because there are what you lack in the new phone that are in the old models. Leaves you wondering what Xiaomi’s strategy is with the Note line.

Here are some of the reasons why Redmi Note 10 5G is still a great buy and a few challenges you might have to deal with.

Reasons to buy
  • Decent 5G Processor
  • Android 11 out of the box
  • Upto 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM
  • Supports Dual 5G SIMs
  • Reliable battery life with fast charging
  • Brilliant 90Hz FHD Display
Reasons to avoid
  • No 4K Video Recording
  • No IP53 Rating
  • No Stereo Speakers

From the look of things, there are enough reasons to buy Redmi Note 10 5G. But, a 2022 phone costing over $200 should at least support 4K Video Recording, stereo speakers if not dust and splash resistant.

I would have recommended you go with Redmi Note 10 instead, but 5G makes your phone future proof. You may want to stick with this model.

Redmi Note 10 (without the 5G) rocks a Super AMOLED Screen, Snapdragon Processor, supports 4K Video Recording and is resistant to dust and splash. You won’t find these in the 5G variant.

Redmi Note 10 5G Pricing & Where to buy

Redmi Note 10 5G goes for about 20,000/- for the 4GB RAM variant and around 25,000/- for the 6GB RAM version. The 8GB/256GB variant is not in Kenya as of the time of publishing this post.

When not buying directly from Xiaomi, please ensure you get a global version. Otherwise, you may end up with a Redmi Note 10 5G that barely functions after a few months.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

Argue all you want but I no Xiaomi phone packs more value for money than Redmi Note 10 Pro. If you asked me, even the current Note 11 Pro is downgraded in many instances.

Compared to its predecessors (Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro), the budget king gives you a bright and smooth 120Hz AMOLED Display with Corning Glass 5.

Redmi Note 10 Pro also rocks a reliable midrange snapdragon processor. You can expect seamless experiences and even light gaming.

What about the Camera? The 108MP wide camera will get you stable 4K Video Recording. You can run a successful YouTube channel with this phone’s camera.

Now, unlike Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro, the 10 has 33W Fast Charging and decent stereo speakers.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Specs & Features

Redmi Note 10 Pro

DISPLAY: 6.67 inches FHD, AMOLED Screen (395ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 12

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 732G, Octa-core 2.3 GHz

CAMERA: Quad Rear Camera setup (108mp wide, 8mp ultrawide, 5mp macro and 2mp depth) and 16mp front camera (1080 video)

STORAGE: 6/8GB RAM, from 64/128GB ROM

BATTERY: 5020mAh, Fast charging 33W

FEATURE: Stereo Speakers, 4K video, Gorilla Glass 5

COLORS: Onyx Gray, Glacier Blue, Gradient Bronze

Redmi Note 10 Pro Pros & Cons

As I said before, Redmi Note 10 Pro is all you need in a budget phone. For about $300 Xiaomi gives you more than the competition even at $500. Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

Reasons to buy
  • Smooth AMOLED Display
  • Above average Camera
  • Dependable Processor
  • Great battery life
  • Dust and splash resistant
  • Acceptable Stereo Speaker
Reasons to avoid
  • No 5G Support
  • Camera lacks OIS
  • Camera bump

The camera bump isn’t even, it might wobble on desk. The phone doesn’t support 5G, though there is a variant that supports the new technology. Redmi Note 10 Pro, apart from lacking Optical Image Stabilization for 4K videos, its night shots are mediocre.

But if 5G and night photography aren’t deal breaker, get this phone and enjoy value for money.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Pricing & Where to buy

The 6GB RAM variant of Redmi Note 10 Pro goes for 27,000 while the 8GB RAM version starts from 32,000/-. Pricing varies with the store you visit

For even better deals, try buying your Note 10 Pro during Jumia Flash Sales and TechWeek. You can easily get the 8GB RAM version for less than 30,000/-.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is the 2022 model in the Redmi Note Series. It’s supposed to be a great improvement on Redmi Note 10. But is it an upgrade in the real sense? Well, it is a mixture of significant upgrades and major downgrades.

Redmi Note 11 has a 90Hz refresh rate, a faster Snapdragon processor, battery that charges a bit faster and Xiaomi’s MIUI 13. That sums up the upgrades.

Unlike the predecessor (Redmi Note 10), the 2022 model lacks a Super AMOLED Display and is incapable of 4K Video Recording.

Otherwise, you get the same Quad Camera setup at the back and 13MP for selfies. There is also the reliable 5000mAh battery and Android 11 out of the box.

Redmi Note 11 Specs & Features

Redmi Note 11

DISPLAY: 6.43 inches FHD, AMOLED (409ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 13

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 680, Octa-core 2.4 GHz

CAMERA: Quad Camera (50MP wide, 8MP Ultrawide, 2MP Macro and 2MP Depth) and 13MP Front Camera

STORAGE: 4/6GB RAM, from 64/128GB ROM

BATTERY: 5000mAh, single day charge

FEATURE: Splash Resistant, 90Hz, Stereo Speakes

COLORS: Star Blue, Pearl White, Graphite Gray

Redmi Note 11 Pros & Cons

If you’ve used Redmi Note 10, you should expect a similar experience with smoother scrolling and a faster processor. The MIUI 13 also takes things a notch higher in terms of features. Otherwise, below is a summary of reasons for and against Redmi Note 11 to help you make an informed choice

Reasons to buy
  • Smooth AMOLED Display
  • Dependable Battery life
  • Feature-rich MIUI
  • Amazing stereo speakers
  • Capable Processor for the price
  • Dust and Splash Resistant
Reasons to avoid
  • No 4K Video Recording
  • No Android 12 out of the box
  • Mediocre low-light photos

If you are looking for a phone to record 4K videos or take night shots, then Redmi Note 11 is not the phone you are looking for. However, the phone has loud stereo speakers, can resist splashes and above all boasts a 90Hz AMOLED screen. Enough reasons to buy it.

Redmi Note 11 Pricing & Where to buy

Being a 2022 Model, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is mostly on offer. The phone cost between 20,000/- and 24,000/-. The lower the RAM/ROM configuration the lower the price and vice versa.

For this model, I strongly insist you buy it from Xiaomi’s official store. Why? Chances are that you may land a cheaper one not meant for the global market and face problems later.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S

If you have Redmi Note 10s, there is no tangible reason to upgrade to Redmi Note 11. I know this sounds rather awkward advice, but unless you fancy a smoother and brighter display and MIUI 13, Redmi Note 11s is not a real upgrade on Note 10s.

In fact, the Camera on the 10s is capable of 4K Video Recording unlike the one 11s. Everything else is the same…identical if you want.

Redmi Note 11s comes with a 90Hz AMOLED Display, Helio G96 Processor and 108MP Camera. You also get the same 5000mAh with 33W Fast Charging and of course stereo speakers.

Redmi Note 11S Specs & Features

Redmi Note 11s

DISPLAY: 6.43 inches FHD, AMOLED Screen (409ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 13

PROCESSOR: MTK Helio G96, Octa-core 2.05 GHz

CAMERA: Quad Camera (108MP wide, 8MP Ultrawide, 2Mp Macro and 2MP Depth) and 16MP Front Camera

STORAGE: 6/8GB RAM, from 64/128GB ROM

BATTERY: 5000mAh, Fast charging 33W

FEATURE: 90Hz, Stereo Speakers, Gorilla Glass 3

COLORS: Pearl White, Twilight Blue, Graphite Gray

Redmi Note 11S Pros & Cons

If you asked me, 2 things make Redmi Note 11s a worthy buy in 2022. First, is the high refresh rate AMOLED Display. Secondly, the phone charges a bit faster than Note 10s and of course has Xiaomi’s latest User Interface (MIUI 13).

Everything else is highly debatable, especially the Cameras. Here are the Pros and Cons of Redmi Note 11s

Reasons to buy
  • A battery life you can trust
  • Crisp Stereo Speakers
  • Smooth/Bright AMOLED Display
  • IP53 Rating, Splash Resistant
  • Modern Design
  • Acceptable Performance
Reasons to avoid
  • Average Camera
  • No Android 12
  • Overpriced

Considering Redmi Note 11s is barely an upgrade of Note 10s, you are left wondering why it costs more. I don’t think the high refresh rate and MIUI 13 should justify the price bump. Again, it is a 2022 phone with Xiaomi’s latest skin but somehow lacks Android 12 out of the box.

For the new buy though, you get a get deal. Great design, a decent processor, a camera that will get you going and a battery you can rely on.

Redmi Note 11S Pricing & Where to buy

You can get a brand-new Redmi Note 11s for between 23,000/- and 30,000/-. The price variation is all about the RAM/ROM configuration. For instance, Redmi Note 11s with 4GB/64GB goes for about 23k while the 8GB/128GB will cost you about 30k.

As is with the case with Redmi Note 11, I recommend you buy exclusively from Xiaomi for now. Otherwise, feel free to pick one from a trustworthy store near you.

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Xiaomi Poco F3

As with all POCO phones, the F3 is a performance beast on a budget. The features you get in POCO F3, considering the price makes it an outright steal. For instance, for about $400, you get a phone with flagship Snapdragon 870 5G Processor.

Are you looking for a higher RAM/ROM combination without spending a small fortune? Poco F3 is the phone. It packs up to 8GB/256GB, 33W Fast Charging and of course a 120Hz, HDR10+ bright AMOLED Display.

Save for Android 12 and a Selfie Camera that can record 4K videos, Poco F3 is superior even to Samsung’s A73 5G. That’s how good Poco F3 is.

POCO F3 is the undefeated Midrange King. You pay far less for what you get. One of the things that makes Xiaomi the 3rd most popular brand in the world.

Poco F3 Specs & Features

Poco F3

DISPLAY: 6.67 inches FHD, AMOLED Screen (395ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 12.5.6 for POCO

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 870 5G, Octa-core 3.2GHz

CAMERA: Triple Camera (48MP wide, 8MP Ultrawide, 5MP Macro) and 20MP Front Camera (FHD video)

STORAGE: 6/8GB RAM, from 128/256GB ROM

BATTERY:4520mAh, Fast Charging 33W

FEATURE: 120Hz, Gorilla Glass 5, Splash Resistant

COLORS: Silver, Blue, White, Black

Poco F3 Pros & Cons

Poco F3 is one of those phones you have little to nothing against. But to ensure your make the most informed buying decision, here are some of the Pros and Cons of Poco F3.

Reasons to buy
  • Flagship Processor
  • Flagship level display
  • Competitive Camera
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Unbeatable Price
Reasons to avoid
  • Not Waterproof
  • No Audio Jack
  • No MicroSD Slot

The reason I’d advise against buying a Poco F3 is if you need expandable storage. And, for those of you who still need an audio jack. Otherwise, the IP53 rating you get is more than enough for the price.

Poco F3 Pricing & Where to buy

Pricing is what sets Poco F3 apart from the rest. See, the phone smells a flagship yet you can easily get it in Kenya for around 43,000/-. That’s about $400 for a Snapdragon 870 5G and an HDR10+ AMOLED Screen.

A point to note, Poco F3 is mostly out of stock. You can guess why. So, don’t procrastinate buying. Grab it as soon as it is available on offer.

Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro

Poco M4 Pro is what a true upgrade should be. If you own Poco M3 Pro, then this is an upgrade I’d confidently recommend. Poco M4 Pro is for you if you want a performance-centric Poco phone that won’t dent your pocket.

The M3 Pro upgrade comes with an AMOLED Display, IP53 Rating, up to 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. You also get a better Selfie Camera not to mention a 33W fast charging.

Save for the use of an older processor (Helio G96), Poco M4 Pro has all you need in a budget 2022 Budget Phone.

Poco M4 Pro Specs & Features


DISPLAY: 6.43 inches FHD, AMOLED Screen (409ppi)

OS: Android 11, MIUI 13 for POCO

PROCESSOR: MTK Helio G96, Octa-core 2.05 GHz

CAMERA: Triple Camera (64MP wide, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP Macro) and 16MP Front Camera (FHD video)

STORAGE: 6/8GB RAM, 64/128/256GB ROM

BATTERY: 5000mAh, Fast Charging 33W

FEATURE: 90Hz, Stereo Speaker, IP53 Rating

COLORS: Poco Yellow, Power Black, Cool Blue

Poco M4 Pro Pros & Cons

Poco M4 Pro may not boast the flagship processor you find in Poco F3, but it comes with expandable memory and an audio jack. Here are the pros and cons of Poco M4 Pro to simplify your buying decision

Reasons to buy
  • Brilliant AMOLED Display
  • Dust and Water Resistant
  • Dependable Camera
  • Excellent Battery life
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Expandable storage
Reasons to avoid
  • Useless Macro Camera
  • No 4K Video Recording
  • Old USB Type-C

The decision by Xiaomi to deny Poco M4 Pro the ability to record 4K videos and the inclusion of an almost useless Macro Lens are someone of the reasons you might want to avoid this phone.

Poco M4 Pro Pricing & Where to buy

You can buy Poco M4 Pro for about 26,000/- (the 6GB RAM variant) or 32,000/- for the 8GB version. The 6K difference also includes a whopping 256GB internal storage.

When it comes to budget phones like Poco M4 Pro, I strongly suggest you go with the highest RAM/ROM configuration. The difference in price is worth it in the end!

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

You love the design of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 11 but don’t have $700 to buy it? Well, there is Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite with 5G. As you can guess, it a watered-down Mi 11 but it’s still decent enough to recommend

Mi Lite 11 5G runs on Android 11 (with MIUI 13) powered by the midrange Snapdragon Chip (780G). You still get an AMOLED Display with a 90Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support.

Xiaomi 11 little bro has capable cameras and a battery that will easily get you through the day. Want to record clear 4K videos? You can. Want to charge your phone a bit faster? Why not take advantage of the 33W charging?

All that for less than half what you’d pay for the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Specs & Features

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

DISPLAY: 6.55 inches FHD, HDR10+ AMOLED Screen

OS: Android 11, MIUI 13

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 780G Octa-core 2.4GHz

CAMERA: Triple Camera (64MP wide, 8MP Ultrawide, 5MP Macro) and 20MP Front Camera (FHD video)

STORAGE: 6/8GB RAM and 64/128/256GB ROM

BATTERY: 4250mAh, Fast Charging 33W

FEATURE: Dual Speakers, 4K video, Glass 6

COLORS: Mint Green, Truffle Black, Citrus Yellow

Mi 11 Lite 5G, being a cheaper version of a flagship, will most certainly lack features. For instance, you are limited to 8GB of RAM as opposed to 12GB in the flagship Mi 11. You also get a midrange processor and an average camera.

But then again, going for the Lite model means you are not expecting flagship specs, right? Here are the pros and cons of Mi Lite 5G

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy
  • Brilliant AMOLED Screen
  • Excellent Camera for the price
  • Battery life you can trust
  • Decent stereo speakers
  • Premium build quality
  • A powerful 5G Processor
Reasons to avoid
  • Not Waterproof
  • No audio jack
  • Camera lacks OIS

As you can see, the pros of owning a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G outweigh the cons. In other words, it’s not such a downgrade from the older brother Mi 11.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Display has a Refresh Rate of 120Hz, Resolution of 1440p Resolution, Gorilla Glass Victus Protection and a brightness of up to 1500 nits. You won’t find these on Mi 11 Lite 5G hence the massive price difference.

Mi 11 Lite Pricing & Where to buy

If you removed the 5G from the phone, I’d say, you can get better value in Redmi Note 10 Pro. But the 5G Snapdragon Processor just changes everything for Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. Anyway, you can get the phone about 40,000/- or less with Xiaomi offers.

Don’t confuse this phone with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE (New Edition). The NE uses a Snapdragon 778G instead of Snapdragon 780G. Secondly, the new Edition has Gorilla Glass 5 instead of 6. And, finally, Mi 11 Lite 5G NE starts from 128GB instead of 64Gb found in the base Mi 11 Lite 5G.

Xiaomi 12 5G

Xiaomi 12 is the latest flagship from the company. I bet you noticed the omission of Mi in the name. Instead of Xiaomi Mi 12 as is the case with the previous flagship (Xiaomi Mi 11), you have Xiaomi 12. Since Xiaomi has been hopeless when it comes to naming their products, we hope this points to a change.

The naming aside, is Xiaomi 12 significant upgrade to Mi 11? Well, this is another mixture of downgrades and upgrades.

The downgrades are in the battery size (from 4600mAh to 4500mAh), screen resolution (from 1440p to 1080p) and Main Camera (from 108 MP to 50 MP). There is also the screen brightness that fell from 1500 nits in Mi 11 to 1100 nits in Xiaomi 12.

The upgrades to Xiaomi Mi 11 found in the Xiaomi 12 include better screen (supports Dolby Vision) and better Processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 1). You also get faster charging (65W) and 8K (HDR) and 4K (HDR10+) videos. The Selfie Camera is also better at 32 MP.

Did I say this phone comes with Android 12 out of the box? Yes, it does.

Xiaomi 12 Specs & Features

Xiaomi 12 5G

DISPLAY: 6.28 inches FHD, HDR10+ AMOLED Screen

OS: Android 12, MIUI 13

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Octa-core 3.0GHz

CAMERA: Triple Camera (50 MP wide, 13 MP Ultrawide, 5 MP Telephoto and 32MP Front Camera

STORAGE: 8/12GB RAM and 128/256GB ROM

BATTERY: 4500mAh, Fast Charging 65W

FEATURE: Optical Fingerprint, Glass Victus, 8K Video, OIS, Reverse Wireless Charging

COLORS: Green, Purple, Blue, Gray

Xiaomi 12 Pros & Cons

As I said before, Xiaomi 12 has both upgrades and downgrades. Overall, though, it is a very easy to recommend piece of tech. Here are some of the pros and cons of Xiaomi 12 to help you decide better

Reasons to buy
  • Compact build
  • Reliable fast charging
  • Excellent Macro Camera
  • Class leading processor
  • Great Primary Camera
  • Android 12 out of the box
Reasons to avoid
  • Underwhelming battery
  • Average Audio
  • Not waterproof

The small battery seems incapable of handling the high-spec display. Xiaomi also failed to balance the stereo speakers on this phone. I also still don’t understand why Xiaomi failed to waterproof a flagship phone.

On the brighter side though, you get a processor and software you can depend on for years.

Xiaomi 12 Pricing & Where to buy

Xiaomi 12 goes for about 80,000/-. With that you get 12GB/256GB configuration plus some free accessories as part of the offer.

Other sites like Avechi and PhonePlace may have different pricing and bundles. But Xiaomi Official Store on Jumia always has the best offers. Check them out especially during Jumia Black Fridays or TechWeek.

Whereas there are three more models in the Xiaomi 12 Series (Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi 12 Lite and Xiaomi 12 Pro), only Xiaomi 12 is available in Kenya at the time of publishing this post.

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Last Words…

The above list, while it has some of the best Xiaomi phones in Kenya, is not exhaustive. It is possible to find a better Xiaomi phone not included. The idea is, the phones I’ve listed will give you the best value at their price point.

While I’ll always update this list with the best Xiaomi phones in Kenya, feel free to add your model if you believe it should make it to the list (use the comment box). Otherwise, I strongly recommend you buy Xiaomi phones in Kenya exclusively from Xiaomi Official Store.

The benefits of buying from Xiaomi themselves or their authorized dealers include a manufacturer warranty and the fact that they’ll only sell you a global version.

Now, assuming you didn’t get the Xiaomi phone you are looking for, I suggest you visit reputable shops like Avechi and Phone Place Kenya. They’ll have what you need at a competitive price most of the time.  

That’s all! I hope you found this post useful. If you did, kindly let me know in the comment box below as well as share post.

As a bonus, here a long term review of the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

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  1. Buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 S phone is one of the best decisions I made on matters phone.I love everything about it, particularly the excellent battery capacity.

  2. I love everything about this phone esp the camera and BATTERY! Totally worth it

  3. Thank you for the article. Where is the official Xiaomi store in Nairobi?

  4. I realy love the super properties of this phone ,where are xiaomishops located within Nairobi?
    This is the super one

  5. I realy love the super properties of this phone ,where are xiaomishops located within Nairobi?
    This is the super one

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